Super top quality early model Z1!! Very popular fireball color!! Top condition!! Genuine Z1 1973 KAWASAKI

●Model name: KAWASAKI Z1
●Displacement: 900cc
●Midage: 0km (displayed) Brand new reprometer
●Vehicle number: Z1F-11*** (regular stamp)
●Engine number: Z1E11*** (regular stamp) The chassis number and engine number are very close!
●Both engine number and vehicle number can be read
●Not registered in Japan
●Engine starting confirmed
●Engine can be started with starter motor
●Engine can be started with kick
●Brake can be used before and
after There doesn’t seem to be any sound. Since there are individual differences in judgment, please check the product image and the video of the vehicle in the link, and make your own judgment and understanding before placing a bid or making a successful bid.
■This is a base vehicle, so it is sold as is. Inspections and maintenance are required before you can start your journey.
■As this is an old car, there may be scratches, rust, defects, modifications, modified parts, missing parts, or damaged parts. In that case, we will not be able to provide normal parts, replacement parts, or missing parts, so please prepare them yourself. Please check the product images and videos carefully.
■We have received very good reviews from a large number of customers, but in rare cases we may receive unreasonable reviews from customers who do not understand the explanation, customers who give low evaluations, or customers who do not have knowledge of motorcycles. Masu.
As stated, this vehicle will be a base vehicle that will require inspection and maintenance after winning the bid. This is not a vehicle that can be driven in this condition. Please carefully check the product photos and videos and make sure you understand this before making a successful bid. If you do not understand this, please refrain from making a successful bid.
■There may be defects in the vehicle that we have overlooked. If you have any questions about the detailed condition of the vehicle, please feel free to ask from the question column.
■Please note that we do not provide services such as vehicle inspections or preliminary inspections.
■This is a re-imported car. Since the vehicle is imported from overseas, it will be treated as a new registration in Japan and will be subject to a three-year vehicle inspection. (Vehicles under 250cc do not require a vehicle inspection.)
■Please carefully check the vehicle images and videos, and only bid if you are satisfied with the price. If you are nervous, please refrain from bidding.