Kawasaki Heavy Industries KAWASAKI Ninja1000 Ninja 1000 2011

I have driven it a lot in terms of distance, but there are no problems with its driving performance at this point.
I did a last run today, and it blows well, with no shakes, noises, or leaks.
Purchased new at Red Baron in June 2011 and used only for touring since new.
With its strong engine and light handling considering its weight, it is ideal for touring.
It is a covered bicycle parking lot, and the paint is in good condition with little deterioration. I just replaced the tires as well.
I bought another bike and am selling it due to lack of space. Someone please use it
The tank is quite clean with no internal rust or dents, but there are some scratches and small touch-ups.
There are no cracks on the cowl, but there are some standing spots and scratches, and one lower right stay is missing.
(There are no flapping problems while driving due to missing stays.)
There are no dents on the left and right silencers, but both have scratches from standing up.
When the car was new, the front and rear aluminum wheels were replaced with genuine new Z1000 wheels of the same specifications and different colors.
There are no scratches or deformations on the wheels, but there are rust stains on the paint over time that cannot be removed.
There are no tears or dents in the front or rear seats. The tandem seat lock opens and closes smoothly.
Genuine front and rear suspension with preload and damping adjustment, no oil leaks.
Rear carrier with large load capacity, met holder (key is the same), handle extension collar
is included. (As shown in the photo.)
Repair history
There is no history of accidents.
Immediately after purchasing, I broke the left mirror due to a standing fire, so I replaced it with a new ASSY.
Four years ago, the radiator fan stopped working, so I replaced it with a new ASSY.
I haven’t had any falls while driving, but unfortunately there are some standing spots on both the left and right sides.
At that time, I removed the engine slider, but the left bolt head broke at that time .
You can’t see that part without removing the cowl, and there is no problem with driving.
Heavy maintenance such as lowering the engine may cause problems in the future . note that.
Maintenance history
The battery has been replaced twice in the past. Oil is changed using RB’s reserve system.
Tires, oil, and pads were frequently replaced at each vehicle inspection.
I think it’s about time to replace the battery, oil, pads, and chain.
Although it is a highly durable Japanese-made motorcycle, it is an older model, so it will require some maintenance in the future.
Please keep that in mind when bidding.
Other accessories
Two keys, instruction manual (English and Japanese), new car purchase contract, vehicle inspection certificate , compulsory automobile liability, and other required documents
Please bid only if you can complete the payment (bank transfer is also acceptable) within one week after making a successful bid.
As soon as we confirm the payment, we will mail the documents and license plate necessary for the name change at our expense.
Once the name has been changed and we receive a photo of the vehicle inspection certificate via email, we will promptly send the vehicle to you.
We also accept other methods (provided there is no transaction risk), including direct receipt.
Transportation methods such as BAS, Red Line, Eye Line, etc. are available upon request.
It will be in Naka Ward, Hiroshima City. If the item is delivered to a depot such as BAS, we will transport it to the nearest depot free of charge.
If possible, the successful bidder will be responsible for arranging the delivery, as there are issues with payment and accidents during transportation.
If we arrange it, please pay the shipping fee in advance and do not make any claims regarding transportation troubles.
We are available to inspect the vehicle on weekday nights and holidays , but we do not conduct direct transactions.
Thank you.