Z1B 60000

Model Year

Excellent restoration! 74 year Z1B 60000 series matching ready delivery/Z1Z2KZ1000MK2 Lawson Z750FX750SS500SS Zephyr 1100KZ900Z1000R1H2KZ1000LTD

■Product description■

□Restored! Z1B 60000 series.
□This is a very beautiful Z1 that has been restored.
□This vehicle was sold after being restored and used for a short period of time.
□The frame has been repainted and assembled with many new parts, so there is no rust, and I think it is in very good condition.
□MFD sticker remains.
□Engine starts with one cell, no white smoke!
□Loans are not allowed.
□Please consider this only if you have the money and are familiar with old cars.
□You can check the actual car. Please inquire if you are interested.

■Document relations■

□Local title
□Customs clearance certificate (MOTORCYCLE)
□Transfer certificate
□Specifications list

■Exhibited vehicle information■

□Car name: Kawasaki

□Year of manufacture: December 1974

□Model: Z1B

□Vehicle inspection expiration date: Domestic Unregistered

□Vehicle number: ☆Z1F-672**

□Motor model: Z1E 673** *Regular stamping (matching: different number 135)

□Mileage: Unknown

□Exterior: Blue bead repainted

□Muffler: Genuine Kawasaki muffler, No dents, no rust, no markings

□Frame: Repainted (in good condition), no cracks on the gusset

□Engine: Single cell start, no abnormal noises, no oil leaks, no white smoke

□Electrical equipment: All normal operation confirmed
□Battery : New

□ Seat: New double red bean paste cut seat

Technical Specifications

  • ABS
  • Air conditioning
  • Alloy wheels
  • Cruise control
  • ESP
  • Leather interior
  • Parking sensors
  • Xenon